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Tea Tales
A Russian Tea Ceremony
In some areas of Russia, three teapots sit one on top of another to keep the tea warm. Often they are decorated with pictures from Russian folk stories and sometimes each forms a part of a bigger picture so that when they fit together they look like a person or an animal. Three teapots are used when two different kinds of tea are required at the same time. The middle pot usually holds strong black tea, the smallest pot on the top holds herbal or mint tea, and the large pot at the bottom holds hot water. The teas can be mixed with each other and diluted with hot water as you pour out each cup. Each person can mix the type of tea they like. Tea is drunk from cups but more often, Russians use a 'Podstakanniki' - a special glass in a silver holder.
Tea is in
Tea is the second most popular beverage in the world next to water.

Blending tea gives it a special tone and flavour and in fact, there may be as many as 30 different types of tea in any one tea bag.

To taste tea, experts slurp it to the back of their throats, much as a wine taster would do. This is to atomize it, allowing them to taste and smell simultaneously.

Tea experts can determine the manufacturing method, the quality and origin and even the plantation it was grown in with just one sip of tea.