We Believe In Giving Back

Imperial Teas is a Group consisting of individuals who firmly believe in the social responsibility of giving back to the community. We have extensive support programmes for the local farmers, underprivileged children, schools and hospitals.
On Wednesday 28th November 2018 our CSR activity covered the following schools:
                               School                                                                    District                                    No. of Students
1. A/ Kongollawa Vidyalaya(Grades 1-5)                     Anuradhapura/Kebithigollawa                         101
2. A/Mahakoongaskada Vidyalaya(Grades 1-5)         Anuradhapura/Medawachchiya                        32
3. Yakawewa Maha Vidyalaya(Grades 1-11)               Anuradhapura/Medawachchiya                      148
4. Thammannakulama Vidyalaya(Grades  1-5)           Anuradhapura/Medawachchiya                       48
Our Directors and staff distributed the following essential items for school children:

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