Health and Wellness

  • Most of us are well aware of the refreshing properties of tea. However, what do we get in addition to feeling invigorated after each cup? From improved stamina to great skin, here are some benefits.

  • Tea and Cancer

    As adults, we’re all afraid of the C-word; after all, with the terminal nature of this condition in most cases, it’s not surprising to always feel wary. The antioxidants found in tea are known to reduce the risk of most cancers – from breast to liver.

  • Tea and Beauty

    The antioxidants in tea are once again responsible for the anti-aging benefits that your skin receives. With the ability to fight free radicals and provide UV protecting properties, your daily cup of green or white tea is doing more than just hydrating you and cinching your waistline.

  • Tea and Fitness

    Did you know that the catechins found in green tea increase the burning of fat in your body? This is extra advantageous when you’re working out, as this fat can then be used to produce fuel. This in turn increases the amount of endurance your muscles can sustain, in your entire body.

  • Tea and Degenerative Diseases

    Conditions that affect the elderly, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s have been known to have a correlation with tea drinking habits. Consuming tea on a regular basis has been found to lower the risk of such ailments, according to numerous studies.

  • Tea and Heart Health

    One of the most comprehensively researched areas, the effects of tea on cardiovascular health have led to numerous findings over the years. The risk of heart attack is known to be less amongst regular tea drinkers, along with a reduced risk of stroke too.