Our Story

Established in 1994, it was the expertise of a skilled tea taster who was accompanied by a small but dedicated team that led to the creation of unique blends, flavours and varieties which now comprise to be Impra Tea, today.

From entering global markets to adapting with the latest technology, the objective to make the world experience quality tea is what has kept us going!

Brand Vision

To be among the five most admired tea marketing companies in the world.

  • Admired for uncompromised value.
  • Quality consistency.
  • Product and service reliability.
  • Innovation and business ethics.

Brand Promise

  • We are in the business of manufacturing and marketing tea and tea related products in the international beverage market.
  • To our consumers we offer uncompromised value, freshness and quality.
  • To our customers and suppliers, we are a reliable business partner providing opportunities to grow their business.
  • To our shareholders and employees we provide sustainable growth opportunities and the pride of being part of a global enterprise.

Our Facilities

  • Factory premises which comprise over 310,000ft² of space for tasting, blending, packing and shipping.
  • The latest machinery that can adhere to customised requirements for blending, packaging etc.
  • Certifications such as HACCP, NASAA and ISO 22000 further ensure smooth processing of all our teas.

Team Behind Us

As our success grows, so does our responsibility for producing quality tea that benefits our consumers. Our team closely understands these factors, to provide Impra Tea the leverage it needs for enhancing the lives of millions the world over.