Underprivileged schools preparing for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam

Our Group is continuously focused on helping underprivileged children and supporting communities. Last month, a group of staff travelled to the North of Sri Lanka to conduct a full-day workshop to help and guide students in underprivileged schools preparing for the Grade 5 Scholarship exam, which is a highly competitive examination in Sri Lanka conducted by the Department of Examinations of the Ministry of Education. Students who score exceptional scores at this exam have the opportunity to get transferred to a prominent school with better facilities for development.

The workshop was conducted for 85 students from 4 different schools in the North where students were tested with a sample exam paper and thereafter with the help of a qualified teacher, the different problem areas in the paper were discussed. Refreshments and lunch during the workshop were also provided by the company.

Additionally, the parents of these students and teachers were given advice on how to aid their children in the preparation process for these examinations and all students were provided with Past Examination Paper bundles to practice as most of these students or schools do not have access to these kinds of information and guidance.

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